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Expired Freebie Alert: £4/$5 Steam Game Key In a Few Clicks

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Duncan, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan @mobilephone2003

    Windows 10
    Note: This is not an affiliated post, mob3 posts legitimate *tested* ways to get free legitimate games from any location.


    If you'd like a new free game this weekend, Indiegala is currently doing a Mass Giveaway for Horizon Shift, which is currently on sale for £4 ($5):


    Horizon Shift currently has positive reviews over on Steam, so it's definitely worth a try, or to grab anyway as a +1 to your Steam Collection for those rainy days when you have nothing else to do.

    Simply head to this link and follow the instructions (the giveaway may be under an overlay to follow on twitter or facebook):

    Mass Giveaway

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