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In the old days we had an IRC Chat Room dedicated to computer talk. Now, a much more modern approach to this is Discord, which embeds text and voice chat in one nicely packaged server, complete with free mobile application support. As such, I have created a Discord Server for your chatting needs, just click the below: https://discord.gg/tpgRvV5 If we're afk, you can check out tatsumaki, that can level you up in the room as you talk! See you there!
WhatPulse is an interesting application and website that can measure your clicks, keys, application usage, data upload/download and more and shows in a user friendly format which can be uploaded to their website. Our team, formerly DuncsWeb, have clocked up some impressive usage statistics over time. We have (as of posting):
  • Typed 229,818,470 keys
  • Clicked 151,003,028 times
  • Downloaded 31.22TB data
  • Uploaded 6.17TB data...
While everyone is taking in the results of the massive election event, Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, put a case forward on today's Web Summit in Lisbon, exclaiming that Reddit is the better option as a second screen for information while watching live events on TV.
Vessel, a service used by many popular YouTubers where viewers get to "see the content first ad-free for a fee" before it appears on the popular video sharing site, is being purchased and is shutting down. Such YouTubers include LinusTechTips, Machinima, Pocketnow, Tested, Nerdist, Seananners, Syndicate and more can be found on the site and will be affected by this change.. Customers will be getting October free, and annual customers will be...
If you're looking to find what events are coming up in various categories, this website is a good way to keep track. With events posted by users, split into "subkasts", you can see what major events are coming your way. Events are crowdsourced, and you can add them to iCal or Google Calendar, or have the option to get an email reminder for a specific event. You an also get "The Weekly Forekast" which will give you a summary of upcoming...
Formerly called Xenocode, which I featured back in 2009, Turbo allows you to run an application directly from the web in a Virtual Machine container. This means that no files from the program are created on your machine, which is great for running self contained development environments or testing software without fully installing them. The software will look like its running from your...
Thought I'd complie a list of places to learn web development to help people make their own websites in the future. Tutorials W3Schools CodeAcademy Code Editors Cloud9 - Can mess around with various types of code and see what it looks like within a live envrionment. Also useful for creating projects and connecting them with GitHub. You can make different types of...
*Ding Dong* Special Delivery from Twitch. Amazon Prime members are now getting an even better deal with their subscriptions. Twitch has announced that all members will have the following perks:
  • Free game loot every month
  • Discounts on new-release box games
  • Ad free viewing on Twitch
  • Exclusive emotes and Chat Badge
  • Free Channel Subscription every month
The free subscription provided by the service will still send...
RSS seems to be a forgotten technology, with things like Facebook and Twitter taking over the reigns. However, combined with a reader, you can find yourself zipping through the content of lots of websites extremely quickly, without the extra fluff. Some people use Feedly for their news without knowing that it is also powered by RSS. Here at mob3 we have a bunch of raw RSS feeds littered throughout the forums depending on what subject you're interested in, but we now have an optimized main...
Some time ago I made videos about random websites you can find lurking the Internet, because you never know where you might end up. Here are 5 websites that are a bit strange and/or a bit pointless. 1. Giant Cat In A Park [​IMG] Don't question it, Just fully immerse yourself in a park with a giant cat: http://happylander.co.uk 2. ToneCraft [​IMG] No, not...