Differnent sources have claimed that Microsoft will release a CTP build of Windows 8 at next weeks Worldwide Partner Conference.

Mary and Jo Foley from ZDNet are a reliable source to Microsoft Intel, in which they recently they recently reported that a Windows 8 Build will be released by the end of July with a fully fledged beta arriving in September, MSFTtm's twitter account also suggest's the same....

Facebook has just finished announcing to world to today video chat as well as improved group chat and a redesigned chat interface.

The video chat will be powered by Skype and well allow Facebooks 750 million plus users video chat with eachother without downloading a seperate program or creatating...
It's been a while since we last heard of Windows 8 being leaked, but today could be the day that all ends, new images have emerged of what look to be build 7989, the version Microsoft showed of at D9.

The images don't show much, the only interesting image there is a new Welcome screen.

Apple are planning to release Mac OS X Lion via the App Store. It will be available via Digital Download from the App Store for whatever Apple Price it at (Usually $30-$60)

It won't only allow a quick way for users to get their hands on the OS, but it will also be hassle free when paying for it, and the plus side is that you don't have to wait a few days for your disk to arrive.

If your internet connections is bad, don't worry. Apple will also be distributing physical disks with OS X...
Spotify has plans to half the cap currently on free users of their service. Currently free users can access up to 20 hours per month of Music. From May they will only be able to access 10 hours per month.

New users will be able to get six months of free music before the major changes come into effect.

Another distressing change is the fact that from May the free user will only be able to listen to a song 5 times per month. Last month Spotify announced that they had one million viewers....
As you may know, Windows 8 M1 Build 7850 was leaked last night and already hundreds upon hundreds of people have downloaded it, I also downloaded to test out some of the latest features that Microsoft are working on.

Before we begin, I would like to note that not much has changed in the way it looks, everything still says Windows 7, only the desktop build mentions Windows 8.

Windows 8 boot, installation and logon screen is the exact same as what is currently is in Windows 7, nothing...
It was obviously going to happen, Windows 8 build 7850 has been leaked to the general public, it is currently available at the Beta Archive's Private FTP and a few torrent websites.

The version available is 6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508 which is an old build, but hey, its still Windows 8.

The second I get my hands on this, I'll post some images!
Microsoft has released IE9 to the general public this week, and already new evidence suggests that Microsoft are already working on Internet Explorer 10.

The dialog clearly shows that IE10 is in the works, so does this mean Internet Explorer 10 will be integrated with Windows 8?

The dialog can be found with resource hacker,...
Over the last few weeks, many images of Microsoft's next operating system have surfaced. No one knows whether they are real, it is rumoured that the images are being leaked by Microsoft Employees.

You can check out my other post about the first screen shots of Windows 8 here.

The first image we have is the aero desktop (With and without aero glass)
(Click Images to Enlarge)...
Over the last few months, screenshots of Microsoft's next operating system have been leaked. The new images don't show much, but they do give us a hint of some of the new features that may or may not be included in the public beta version.

The first screenshot was found by someone called Zukona, which shows one of the install screens for Windows 8:...