Here lies a video showing how boring the default Google Chrome Tab Page looks, and various extensions you can use to make it look more attractive and more functional.

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If you’re having issues with your computer slowing down, or you’ve been assigned to look at a computer to find out what’s bogging it down, one of the main reasons may be malicious or unnecessary programs. The issue is, if you don’t know what something does, should you remove it?

According to, the following manufacturers (in order) contain the most bloatware:
  • Toshiba
  • Sony
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Asus...

Here lies a video taking a look at a Linux Distribution that aims to be beautiful, simple and functional. I take a quick look through what's available in the Operating System, what's your thoughts?
Long gone are the days of typing Print Screen, pasting your screenshot into Microsoft Paint, saving out as a file and uploading to an Image Sharing Service. Microsoft provided the “Snipping Tool” to take a picture of anywhere on the screen, but this still has the cumbersome activity of uploading.

Fortunately, there are many services that are available that provide all 3 activities and package them into a nice little tool. Lets take a look at some:

Gyazo Lite
Gyazo is a...
Currently in “Prototype 6” (Prototype 7 due for release soon as of this posting), Madonna will help you save time by giving you audio and visual notifications to most commonly used programs, perform actions based on commands, and have a friendly conversation.

A Non-Exhaustive Feature List is as follows:
  • AI Chatbot Responses
  • Change...

Here lies a video showing a very quick method of extracting text from any image you see on your screen, without having to save it out as an image and go through converters. The results are instant, and there are a variety of options with the output.

Here lies a video showing 3D images hidden inside 2D images (and how to create them). You will need to get close to your screen and make the video large to help with focusing. These are commonly known as Stereograms, or Magic Eye Puzzles. (Requires Java)
Here lies a video demonstrating a piece of software that generates an image based on what you do with your mouse on a daily basis.
Folders may vary through Distributions (though most will be the same), but here is a brief explanation on each folder and their purposes. Feel free to explain them in your own words below.
Here I show you an application that completely changes how your fonts are rendered to look more like iOS. If you wish to go for an even closer feel, change your fonts in your windows settings to Helvetica.