On a post labelled "Mass-Analyzing a chunk of the internet", a user has collected the IP addresses of all FTP File Servers on the IPv4 range with Open Access. This means the server accepts anonymous logins, and therefore if the server has files, can be accessible by anyone. Not only that, they've posted the results on GitHub This might be a good time to encourage people who do have...
I was tasked with the job of recovering some files from a Corporate File Server that had been deleted, I was given the file paths and the file names. "Easy", I thought... until I found out that the server was used for replication (syncing with another file server, lots of deleting and copying), and therefore had lots (and I mean LOTS) of deleted files. This server was running Windows Server 2008 R2, had 2GB RAM assigned and a 2 TeraByte...
So last week the unnamed company I work for was hit with Ransomware called Zepto, from an employee opening an attachment from an email. It's pretty nasty, a JS file opened via email or in a word document downloads a program silently and allows execution of code that will encrypt the most valuable files, which as of today is not decryptable without the source. This nasty software will go through your profile and any network drives you're connected to, mapped or unmapped. It will then...
After spending some time away from VirtualBox, I decided to run an update to see what new stuff was added to the program. Alas, once updated, ALL Virtual Machines refused to boot with the following error:

After a bit of research, it appears that there has been some "security hardening" added to the software, that will refuse to boot the machines...

Some of you in my IE6 Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtU85LfMeWs) suggested other Retro Browsers, so I thought I'd take everyone back to a browser made in 1992. Let's see how this handles modern websites.


Thanks once again to Teknoaxe for his awesome music:

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Here I check out a YouTube Simulator that is designed to emulate the conditions of videos that go viral. Based on the quality of the videos you upload, you can quit your job and make millions!

Online Version (All Platforms): http://gamejolt.com/games/strategy-sim/tubestar/11858/
Desktop Version (Windows): http://tubestar.codeplex.com/

and of course, my website:


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In older videos I talked about converting audio and video with good free programs such as MediaCoder and FormatFactory. It's now 2013 and I am bringing this up to date with my favourite program that works extremely well for converting and processing various media formats.


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This video is for those looking for a free way to create HD "lets play" videos, gaming videos, tutorials, recorded live streams, or all 4 in one video. We used to make videos to stuff into 320x240 resolution for YouTube, but times have changed so we have a lot more pixels to play with. Lets make some high quality videos with Intros, Outros, Images, Text, SplitScreen and MultiWindow goodness. Links:...
nLite has always served as an excellent tool for slip-streaming files into a Windows Installation, and making it unattended. After Windows Vista was released, vLite was released for Windows Vista, and then development stopped on the program in September 2008.

According to the Official Site:
Steam has announced an Operating System geared for TV and the Living Room, with the following features:
  • In-Home Streaming from a Windows and Mac computer
  • Music, TV, Movies "working with many media services you know and love"
  • Sharing Steam Games with Family
  • Family Options

The Operating System is downloadable soon for free....