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Another year, another buildup to the holiday that is Christmas. A time where we get to eat lots of food and drink lots of alcohol without feeling guilty, shout at relatives, and pretend that we appreciate yet another pack of socks. How has your Christmas been?
September 20th marks IT Professional Day This website says so So this is goes out to all of you that work in tech support, system administrators, IT Managers, Network Specialists, Web Hosting, Online Businesses, anything that involves the control of a computer or tech for a living. This is your day. If you're not appreciated where you work, we appreciate you. Hoorah!
Recently I have thought about picking up a new hobby… one that is cost effective, non-repetitive, rewarding and crosses between using technology and the outside world. Ingress has been something I enjoyed doing, using my phone’s built-in GPS to find an overlay of “Portals” to attack, but this requires the sole use of a 3D application, 3G/4G Network use and constant use of a GPS signal. I decided to look into Geocaching, and while I heard this was something...
Yesterday, I had a back left tooth (large molar) removed, which proved difficult for the dentist as the tooth had had a failed root canal and it contained curved roots, but here's my story so far (as much of the information online is for Wisdom Teeth).

I tend to over-think everything, and spend as much time as possible researching the entire process of things before they happen so I'm fully prepared. After having the excruciatingly painful root canal, I thought the tooth extraction would...
Recently, my iPhone 4 on 3 UK decided to stop getting signal inside my home, which is a pretty big deal as this is my only form of contact with the outside world.

"Not a problem", I said to myself, "I'll just unlock the phone and put in another SIM card"... Little did I know how much of a pain this would be. After deciding to change to GiffGaff after seeing their tasty deals, I waited 5 days for the SIM, topped it up and put the SIM in.

No Service....
I've found that free time is awesome when you have something in mind that you'd like to do, but more often than not my mind blanks when the choice comes to do something.

The following will be a continually updated list of things that can be visited or done when offline when you're bored out of your mind and want to do something new:
  • Cinema
  • Walk
  • Bowling
  • Museum
  • Art Gallery
  • Theatre
  • Call a Friend/Relative/Significant Other
  • Home Games (Cards,...
This is me filling in Life at DuncsWeb, today we won't be talking much about technology, instead music!

Have you ever been working while listening to epic music? You haven't? You should try it! This post contains a list of the top 10 songs to listen to while working.

10: Dragon Rider - Two Steps from Hell

9. Europa - Globus

8. Serenata Immortal - Immediate Music

We have all heard of and seen panoramic photography just like this great, high resolution look at the legendary Sistine Chapel.

Have you, though, ever been wowed by the amazingly immersive technology of panoramic video? Well, now you can be with this fantastic video from the Edmonton Journal. I game of mass dodge ball where you can have the best seat in the house and choose where you want to look.

To view the video...
When life takes over it is hard to catch up on what’s happening online, and constantly reading long articles can be time consuming. Here we round up 3 excellent quality Audio / Video Podcasts for geeks.

1. Tech News Today

If you’re looking for a daily dose of what’s happening in the Technosphere, Tech News Today is a sure winner. Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Becky Worely, Dr Kiki and many more respectable individuals team up for 45 minutes of Geekery on each work day. You’ll be...
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Hi there everyone, today's article will be a bit more serious in nature, as it's something that's very close to me. Recently I went on vacation to Houston to go to the Marfans conference. While there I decided to take advantage of the available clinics, as doctors have always told me I have Marfans, but it was never very serious. For those that don't know; Marfans syndrome (...