So you’re looking for an Android SmartPhone but don’t want to enter a contract or shell out over £300 for the top end phones like the Galaxy S, HTC Desire, or Motorola xt720? Orange may well just have the answer for you.

This Orange San Francisco/Zte Blade smartphone features a 600mhz Processor, 512mb RAM, 3.5 inch capacitive...
Recently I was sent the DasKeyboard S Professional model for review. I was skeptical of the design when looking at the product on their website as I'm generally not a fan of larger keyboards and have become accustom to the chiclet keys on my wired apple keyboard. I remained optimistic but still somewhat skeptical. Though upon opening the product, all my skepticism went away.

This keyboard is quite beautiful and elegant. While the 1" width is quite large compared to the apple keyboard, my...
WWDC the World Wide Developer Conference is a keynote held every year by apple to showcase the new updates in the world of apple and usually release some new products , 2010's WWDC was no different. If you haven't viewed the presentation yet head over here or check out for the recording. Though of course you can view this article for the whole overview of the keynote.

Today Steve Jobs was on stage...
Before I start this review, I would like to say a big thanks to the SteelSeries guys for providing me a review unit of this Gaming Keyboard.


  • Special gaming keys;
  • 3 Key Illumination Colors: Blue, Purple and Red;
  • Internal USB hubs;
  • Internal Microphone jacks;
  • Rubberized keys for enhanced tactile feedback.
I got in the mail the Verbatim Rapier Gaming Headset, which is one of the only headsets that has Vibration. What this means? Well, it means when you are listening to music/playing a game, it will vibrate along side the rhythm, so if you're playing a game and you hear gunshots, the headset will vibrate along side those gunshots.
  • USB Connection Headset;
  • Vibration;
  • Microphone Mute Switch;
  • Inline Volume Control;
  • Confortable Ear Pads.
Hi guys, Nuno here, and in this post, I will make a review on Seskimo's Crabble, the wallet sized video stand. Before I start this review, I would like to say thanks to Seskimo for sending me a couple of review units. The Crabble is the cheapest iPhone/iPod Touch accessory at the moment, and it currently supports the following phone's, Media Players, and gaming consoles:

  • iPhone (All generations), iPod Touch (All generations), iPod Classic (All generations), iPod Nano (All...
When it comes to any mobile phone out there one of the biggest factors I look at is battery life , now I myself am a iPhone 3G owner and battery life especially with it being jailbroken can be a roller coaster depending on my usage per day. Thus I purchased the mili power pack case for the iPhone that acts as a case and charger. My video review covers an overview of the device.


<table style="height: 185px" border="1" cellspacing="3" cellpadding="3"...
Alright so this weekend I had been programming a good amount, I stopped to think about how I was going to do something... and got distracted.  Long story short I made a crossbow :relaxed:  It's actually pretty good and it's going to be a great deal of fun to use on people ;D

So here's what we'll be making if you want.

And here's a top view:...

In the last month, I have bought a mini Bluetooth adapter from DealExtreme for less than 2.00$ (I guess that's why the website is called DealExtreme!), and overall it has been functioning very well. Let's first talk how it came. It came via AirMail, and I haven't paid for shipping, so...
So, what is your setup?

By this I mean what does the setup of your desk space look like?

Feel free to comment with a picture of your desk and explain why it is as it is if you'd like.  Try to avoid cleaning up a bunch though, that way everyone will see how you really work.

<a href=""></a>

First things first here is the picture of my desk:...