Some prisons in south korea from march will start seeing robots joining the ranks of prison wardens. They will be looking for abnormal behavior in prisoners.

The Lead designer has said that these will monitor the prison and alert human guards to any suspicious activity.

The robot wardens are 3ft High robots developed by the  Asian forum for Corrections.

The designers claim this will reduce the work load on human prison wardens, but only time will tell when these robot wardens go on...
As suspected, Apple have silently updated the MacBook Pro line. The official specs are below:
  • 13" MacBook Pro base model has a 2.4 GHz processor and 500 GB hard drive, up from 2.3 GHz and 320 GB.

  • 13" MacBook Pro model has a 2.8 GHz processor and 750 GB hard drive, up from 2.7 GHz and 500 GB.

  • 15" MacBook Pro base model has a 2.2 GHz processor, up from 2.0 GHz. The 500...
Apple announced yesterday the release of OSX Lion their newest version of the mac OS . Lion has been available for some time now for developers and now is publicly released for 30$ in the mac app store.

Some of OSX lions features include :

-Mission Control

-Launch Pad

-New Multi-Touch Gestures

-Full Screen Apps


Lion aims to be a unification of the mobile platform and the desktop mac platform. As of now you must be on snow leopard in order to upgrade and be on a...
Amazon has plans to release a nine inch tablet in October. It also has plans to release two new models of the Kindle in the third quater of this year.

One of these models is rumoured to be a Touch Screen Model accoridng to the Wall Street Journal.

However recently Amazon has begun selling its ad-supported version of  the Kindle, Sponsered by AT&T and sold for $139 as a 3G version. The Journal suggests that the tablets will not be branded with the Kindle Brand.

As more news...
Nokia has unveiled the brand new Nokia N9 handset. This is the first smart phone to come out of the firm which uses the new Meego operating System which was first pioneered by  Nokia and Intel in early 2010. Some industry watchers have said that this is a 'pointless' launch. This is because Nokias strategy changed when they teamed up with Microsoft to launch the Windows Phone 7 Operating System on Nokia Handsets. This deal was agreed in March 2011. Nokia is yet to announce a date for the...
The first Laptop running the Google Chrome Operating System is now officially avalible.

Currenly the Samsng model is the only model avalible but the second model made by Acer is expected to start shipping soon.

The Chrome Operating System does not feature antivirus software or any optical drives .

The chrome book will only be available in WiFi and Wifi + 3G . This will be priced at $429 (£266) and $499 (£310). The two models can be seen below....
A YouTube user under the name tsilb has been playing with the XBOX 360 Kinect and has attempted a natural user interface. He shows his progress below:

Pretty cool stuff showing just the start of what could be some very useful things coming out from the SDK. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments
On many occasions I have considered getting rid of my iPhone for something a little less “locked in” (and did for an HTC Desire before promptly switching back), but have considered most android phones on the market just “phones with high specs” and “incomplete”. The Samsung Galaxy S II has changed my opinion completely, and here's why….

During The annual Google IO, Google spent a number of hours talking about Chrome
and their up and coming operating system Google Chrome OS.

Duirng this IO they revealed that Samsung will be one of the manufacturers along with Acer making
new Chrome OS Computers. While talking about Desktop versions of the Chrome OS an image was shown on the back wall of this concept
box by Samsung called ChromeBox. Let's see what the next few months have in-store for us. Bearing in mind June 15 is the...

The PaperPhone is much a like a normal phone in the way that it can make calls, send SMS messages, play MP3's and even be an e-book reader.

To cause the phone to do something the user basically bends or folds the device in a certain way for it to perform a particular task.

The prototype was created to see how easy it would be to...