www.duncsweb.com Here I randomly show the watch I got for my birthday, which I have wanted for a long while. <!--more--> Its a bit geeky and big, but I love it! If you want to buy: tinyurl.com
This seems to be a message that I have gotten a lot recently.

For those of you that don’t know, not so long ago I had an Apple MacBook 13” (2.0ghz with 2GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia 9400M, the old model before it came a MacBook Pro). After 2 months of use with the laptop, I discovered a stuck pixel on the screen (Imagine paying almost £1000 for a laptop to find it do this :pensive:), and after Googling found that Apple would not exchange the laptop over this (and I didn’t want to be without a laptop...
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For anyone interested, the following is what I use from day to day. I do get through gadgets like they are going out of style (eBay is my very best friend), but I am not a kid with rich parents so I do not have the latest everything.

I think of what I need rather than what I want.

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My Desktop:
This is a custom budget gaming build.


Intel Core Duo...