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Apple is releasing a book, yes book, today containing 20 years of product design and as Jonny Ive puts it in his interview with Wallpaper "Very few words". The cost for this book? $200 for the small copy, $300 for the large copy. Of course you can expect some effort going into the quality: "The linen-bound, hardcover volume is printed...
The general gist from the folks here on mob3 are that smartwatches are pretty pointless, and one of the points against these little devices are the lack of battery life. Most Android Wear watches last less than 2 days and Pebbles can last up to a week. The Matrix PowerWatch hopes to change that, by charging itself via the temperature of your wrist. When the...
If you thought the iPhone 7 having no legacy support for 3.5mm headphones was an insane (courageous?) decision, this might also baffle you... HTC has axed the headphone jack in its HTC Bolt handset. The HTC Bolt has impressive specs:
  • Snapdragon 810 2Ghz
  • 3GB RAM
  • 3GB Storage
  • 5.5" Display @ 2560x1440 (534ppi)
  • 3200mah Battery
  • Android 7 Nougat
The bolt does provide USB-C type headphones in the box, but without some...
Not too long ago, I reported about the USB Dongle that you can purchase that can kill hardware almost instantaneously for $49, by simply plugging it into the USB port. YouTuber User Thomas Kim has decided that paying for this is unnecessary, and has gone homebrew making the dongle out of camera flash parts and a single AA battery. This...
Now that the initial novelty of getting the Amazon Echo has worn off, I am beginning to see some shortfalls with the unit as I try to integrate it into everyday life. I'll start with the Good: The unit itself is very good for the price, the speakers are loud enough but will not blow you away if you want to listen to music in high quality. If it's spoken word however the unit is very clear. The "Always On" ability makes me want...
When I first saw the Amazon Echo, I thought it looked like a neat piece of kit, until I saw the price and the fact that it was unavailable in the UK without some special import wizardry. Fast-forward to October 2016 and Amazon releases the Echo and Echo Dot in the UK, complete with well spoken voice, and with a much cheaper price-tag for the dot. With Bluetooth Audio, Line Out and a (smaller) in-built speaker, it seemed a No-Brainer, as...
The "USB Killer" has entered its second revision of hardware that is, according to it's creator "Dark Purple", designed to test USB Ports against Power Surges. The USB Killer operates by drawing power from the port until it reaches 240v, then dumps that power into the USB Data Lines. It will do this rapidy until the circuit is broken on the host machine or until the device is unplugged. Unless you own a Mac (which apparently is protected...
The rumours were true... Apple had an event last night where they predominantly highlighted new MacBook Pro's, as far as to say that "The MacBook Pro is better than the MacBook Air in every way". They spent a good deal of that event talking about a Touch Strip bar replacing the function keys on the keyboard. The bar would change depending on which application...
With the complete discontinuation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but that's not going to stop the jokes coming in about its exploding device. Uniqfind have created an iPhone 7 Case that can look like an exploding Galaxy Note 7: I can imagine this will be a hot selling case. Yours for $24.99 here:
Samsung looks to be going all out with their Chromebook series, this time with the Chromebook Pro. They're expected to announce a laptop with a stylus with a sub $500 (£410) price-tag. Specifications include:
  • 2GB Hexa-Core Processor (2 Cortex-A72 and 4 Cortex-A54 cores
  • 32GB Onboard Storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • 12.3" Touchscreen Display (2400x1600 resolution)
  • 360 Degree Hinge
  • 2 USB Type-C Ports & SD Card Slot
  • Built in...