Hello, my name is Haydn and I am the Minecraft reporter for the Duncsweb Minecraft server. I'll be reporting you on the latest builds, news, and so forth. On the 23rd of April 2011, the community got together and began work on Pixel Beach on the Duncsweb Minecraft Server. On this beach, you can get free wool and build pixel art! The community had a blast working together, helping each other out, letting their imagination run wild and been creative. I wanted...
We opened up to pixel artists last night on the DuncsWeb Minecraft Server, allowing access to free coloured wool. Here <!--more--> is the result :relaxed:
Throughout my (Duncan’s) life with iPhones (the First Gen, 3G, 3GS &amp; 4) I have played with many Apps and many Games, and I have to say, a bunch of them simply get deleted again, so here is a few of the games I play on a regular basis on my iPhone 4. &#160; Its likely you’ve heard of a bunch of these, so feel free to suggest the games you play frequently in the comments. &#160; Angry Birds...

The high claimed PC (now Mac) Steam game, Portal has made available to download for free, before May, the 24th. If you get it before May 24th, you can play it for free (forever), but if you try and get it later, sorry you will have to pay.

If you don't know what Portal is, Portal is a very well known game for Steam made by Valve (same creators of Half Life and...
If you don't know, Stunt driving is a known "sport" all over the world. This driving sport is very dangerous, and includes scary jumps over douzens of vehicles, very high loopings in max speed, and even more.

In StuntMania!, you can try some of those fun adrenaline without getting the chance of getting your life at risk. The graphics aren't perfect, we music admit, but it has a medium quality, with great textures....
Regnum Online is a game where you can choose from three different realms (factions/teams).  The point of the game is that the Realms are fighting over a bunch of different castles.  Every realm, as of this post, has three races.  Every Race has a story behind it, and you'll only see them show up in one Realm.  For example I play a Dwarf Hunter.  You can only be a dwarf in the Alsius Realm.  Below is a picture of a Utghar Mage also in the Alsius Realm....
Yes guys it's true, with the power of HTML5, we can play Quake 2 on a web browser.
After Apple announced that the iPad would not have Flash support, here's another project which is sinking even more Flash. The game Quake 2 has been fully ported to the HTML5 technology by a group of Google Programmers. So basically this game can run on every browser with WebGL support (which at the moment are Safari, Opera and Google...
We all know of steam, it’s a client that is used to purchase and play games and the client has very good deals on games.

Anyway, I was adjusting the skin of steam (or theme) and there was an option to join in the beta version of steam, so I thought why not. It was free and if I did not like it, I could always just switch back to the older version of steam.

I like the beta as it...

In a follow up to Nuno Ledo’s post on C&amp;C Tiberian sun being free. I would also like to point out that there are two more C&amp;C games ready to download free of charge.
The two games in question are;
C&amp;C Red Alert
C&amp;C 95
Tibieran sun is...
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Eve-online is too massive of a game to review all at once, so i'm doing this in multiple parts, this is part one, (obviously) A general over view. This is just the tip of the ice berg folks, so sit back and relax.

Eve-online is a Pay to play online Sci-Fi MMORPG. Set over 2000 years in the future, and with one server, theres great stories to be...