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From PCGamer

"Epic announced a new game over the weekend called Fortnite. It’ll have a Team Fortress 2-esque art style and, according to Epic, is directly inspired by Notch’s indie block builder, Minecraft.

Fortnite appears to revolve around building forts to hold off waves of creatures that attack during the...

Minecraft 1.0 is coming TOMORROW and I don't know about you... but I'm really exited!

New features:

- New hurt sound
- Can no longer sleep while monsters are around you
- New silverfish sound
- Edited Nether sounds
- New Enderman... thing. (I really don't know what it achieves)
- The 'END' dimension
- Mushroom Biomes
- Grass...

Rockstar has updated there website to display a single picture. Grand Theft Auto V trailer to come 2/11/11

What do you expect to see from this trailer?
Heres to hoping that rockstar took a leaf out of the iCEhancer Mod for GTAIV developer's book.
EA has given some information on the release times for BF3 here is a direct copy of the lowdown:

Q: When will my pre-loaded version of Battlefield 3 launch?

A: Battlefield 3 PC digital pre-loads, as well as the actual packaged product, will become available to play at the following times, depending on your country location.

Tuesday, October 25<sup>th</sup>, 12:01am Korea Standard Time (GMT +9)
Brunei, Cambodia, Cocos Islands, East Timor, Fiji, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia,...
If you are like me, you'll be a little fed up with the lack of good, free Mac compatible games. Well, fear no more. A fantastic first person shooter is available on the Mac App Store now. It's free for a limited time so snap it up quickly.

UberStrike, the award winning multiplayer FPS, explodes onto the Mac App Store in glorious HD! Join 2,327,152 players on the battlefield today.

"UberStrike [...] is, for lack of a...
One of the several announcements during BlizzCon 2011 is the upcoming soon to be here(ish) custom game mode for Starcraft II Blizzard DOTA. Jumping on the success of its fan made DOTA mod for Warcraft 3 and seeing the success of League of Legends (another Multiplayer Online Battle Arena aka MOBA based game) during various tournaments and successful live streams, Blizzard have created something slightly...
Minecraft news has been a bit slow recently, but Notch is back in the office, after a very long and busy break! What with going to E3, then Italy, then F.3.A.R and such. But he's back, and didn't forget about that 1.7 update he promised us. Now, we didn't get what we was promised. Notch announced that 1.7 would have the Adventure Update. He lied! Well, sort of. He did give us the promised pistons, and some minor bug fixes, along with shears, which are now the only way to get wool from sheep....
Well, Markus has been very busy this past week or so (Markus is Notch.) He's been to E3, seen the Playboy Mansion, and a bunch of other amazing stuff. He posted an information dump on his blog, so I'll pick out the main parts, and report back to you. So, let's begin.

The main part of 1.7 will be the adventure mode been added, hence him calling it the 'Adventure Update'. This update will introduce adventure mode, which is the kind of like the basic Minecraft, but more challenging, and...
Well, it's coming this week. Minecraft 1.6! The update after 1.5, and before 1.7! Notch tweeted '1.6 is aimed at Wednesday. Which means we'll probably release it late Thursday. :wink:'. Minecraft has evolved so much since Infdev and the first releases, so I thought I should go over some of the things going to be added in 1.6. First things first, probably the BEST thing ever to happen to Minecraft. Sky Dimensions. Floating lands in Minecraft! As confirmed by Notch...
Minecraft Beta 1.5 was released a few weeks ago, and Notch has already released a date for 1.6! On Notch.Tumblr.com (his blog) he announced the next update to be 'not soon'. He went onto talking about the maps that will be released, and full Nether support in smp servers! Each map is of a specific area, and will focus at the area you crafted it, so it's perfect for cities and towns. Furthermore, you will be able to duplicate this map, so you can give out...