SAGE is an event that Sonic fangames developers congregate to show off their finished and unfinished games. This year, they showed off "Sonic Utopia", a cool little game that takes the retro feel of Sonic The Hedgehog, and turns it completely 3D. All artwork, models, gameplay and sound are done by developers Mr Lange, Murusaki Fox, Tpot and PicsAndPixels. Check the video out on this here:
Those of you waiting for a "Nintendo NX" can back down, Nintendo has posted a promotional video of a new console, the Nintendo Switch: [See Full Post For Video] The Nintendo Switch can be used as a portable console with detachabe controllers, and docked to run on a Home Television. We don't know the specs of the console just yet. What do you think, will the Nintendo Switch go the way of the Nintendo Wii U?
Note: This is not an affiliated post, mob3 posts legitimate *tested* ways to get free legitimate games from any location. If you'd like a new free game this weekend, Indiegala is currently doing a Mass Giveaway for Horizon Shift, which is currently on sale for £4 ($5). Horizon Shift currently has positive reviews over on Steam, so it's definitely worth a try, or to grab anyway as a +1 to your Steam Collection for those rainy days when you have nothing else to do...
You can't argue with Free. Ubisoft is currently celebrating turning 30, and wants you to have some free games. Since June, the company has been offering the following games for free: June: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time July: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell August: Rayman Origins September: The Crew October: Beyond Good & Evil November: ??? December: ??? We'll let you know what November & December will bring as they come to...
Browser games have long been a popular way for entertainment, with a bunch of sites offering "addictive flash games". However, most of these games have been single player only, with a leaderboard where you can submit your score. In recent years, a lot of sites have popped up with a ".io" domain extension that allows a true casual multiplayer experience, just type your name in and go. Here are 10 of these that you can start playing right now, no download required, all you need is an...
If you're into slow motion action scenes, strategy and bullet time, you'll love this browser based game coming soon to steam. The aim is to take down your enemies using the concept of time by moving as little as possible so that time stays still.

It's a pretty sweet game with a neat concept.

Check it out:

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Remember that 2D Minecraft Alternative, that allows you to explore and dig in unique worlds with your friends?

It’s now available on Android for free (Demo), and boasts the following:
  • 200+ Crafting Recipes
  • 25+ Block Types
  • 75 Monsters
  • 5 Bosses
  • Over a Dozen Environments
  • Google Play Leaderboards

Go Get It:...

Here lies a video showing the easiest way how to start a full featured minecraft craftbukkit server, without visiting websites or editing files. Great for testing if you own a Public Server, or starting out with your own.

Here lies a video showing what I've been doing the past 2 weeks. Minecraft is almost 4 years old, and I think its time to change up the gameplay. Our response has been fantastic so far!

Get Started:
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Here lies a video guide about an undercover augmented reality played outside all over the world 24/7. There's a whole system going on and you may not know about it. Enter Ingress. Sign up at:

Hack a Portal (Neutral or Enemy): 100AP
Hack a Portal (Own): 0AP
Recharge Portal: 0AP
Place New Resonator: 125AP
Upgrade Resonator: 0AP
Capture Portal (Place First Resonator): 500AP
Complete Portal (Place Last Resonator): 250AP
Link Two...