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Now and again, I personally receive messages from people with tech questions. Rather than personally answering some, I would like to also pose these questions to you, the technology enthusiast viewer.

This time, jon from our Forums asks:
If you need to send a paragraph of text, some code, a server log, some sensitive data that needs an expiration date or some other sharable concoction, where do you go? Often the first answer said by Internetters would be Pastebin, and while a great service in itself, let's see what others are available and what they can do:
If you saw the recent Apple September 2015 Announcement, you'll notice that a feature was mentioned called "Live Photos". This works in such a way that 3 seconds before and after a photo is taken is also captured. Some of us may even call this a video. But, as an android user, you might be thinking, how can I get this? Surely there is an app available that can do this easily.
Let's have a quick look at what was showcased in today's Apple announcement, in quick, easy to read bullet points:

Apple iPad Pro
  • 12.9" Screen (2732 x 2048 resolution)
  • A9X Processor
  • "Variable Refresh Rate"
  • Four Speakers
  • Starts at $799 for 32GB

Apple Watch
  • Native Apps with OS2
  • Rose Gold Model
  • New Bands
  • Watch OS2 arrives September 16th

Apple TV
  • Remote with touchpad
  • Siri...
DuncsDeals are things that are found to be of great value, either cheap or free. We are not affiliated with any website for posting these deals and do not earn commission, all links point straight to the deals! These are purely posted for your benefit.

In this case we have a massive 128GB USB Flash Drive from the popular retailer Argos:

This is...
Have a family member or acquaintance that needs to use your computer, but don't want to run through the rigmarole of adding Microsoft Accounts, remembering passwords and such, or making Microsoft Accounts just for them to be able to access your PC?

Simply do the following:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click "Accounts"
  3. Click "Family and other...
Far too easy it is to browse around the internet, looking at random things that don't make us productive. Sometimes we need a little reminder to keep us working on what needs to get done, be it finish that assignment, complete that looming deadline, wash those dishes, or just get up and move.

Momentum for Google Chrome has a simple concept that works by replacing your New Tab Page....
Upgraded to Windows 10 but want to try and keep the feel of the version of Windows you were upgrading from?

sagorpirbd from Deviantart has you covered by creating custom themes that give that legacy feel to your up to date Operating System.

SquirrelMonkeyCom is a YouTube Channel that is partially dedicated to taking popular services and showing 80's Versions of them. Their latest edition is Reddit, the front page of the internet.
System requirements for 80's Reddit are:
  • Personal Computer (IBM Compatible)
  • Color Graphics Adapter (CGA Card)
  • "Modem"
  • Reddit Floppy Disk
I certainly would like to try a...
Remember when going into Safe Mode in Windows was a case of mashing the F8 key when your computer booted up? Thanks to the new style Boot Menu in Windows 8 and Windows 10, Microsoft has disabled this.

Fortunately you can get it back through a simple Command Prompt Command:
  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Run the following command:
    bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy
  3. The command should show "The Operation has completed successfully"...