"I may not have the best of everything, but I'll make the most out of what I have" - Duncan, as he wrote this, Sept 2016
Hi, I'm Duncan, also known as mobilephone2003 on the web.

I've been passionate about tech since my very early days on this planet. In my school days, I would stay behind after school and download software onto a floppy disk for my home PC as I didn't have the Internet at home.

Fast forward to today and I'm constantly on the lookout for how to do things faster, better (stronger?), you get the drift.

I made mob3 to help achieve that, and share as much as I can to help people progress in their computing & tech passion.
Looks like Adobe has finally come to their senses. https://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2017/07/adobe-flash-update.html TL;DR They'll stop updating and distributing flash at the end of 2020 due to other technologies that have matured enough to take over (like HTML5) Say a delayed goodbye to your favourite flash games site.
Another year, another buildup to the holiday that is Christmas. A time where we get to eat lots of food and drink lots of alcohol without feeling guilty, shout at relatives, and pretend that we appreciate yet another pack of socks. How has your Christmas been?
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Currently $60 on Steam, will be free to play between the 15th and 20th December on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. This will include the first two chapters of the campaign, online multiplayer (capped at level 15) and zombies mode (capped at level 3). Progress will be saved and carried over should you wish to play the full version of the game. Nice!
The weather outside is frightful. It's the most wonderful time of the year, a new month, a new round of desktops. What does yours look like? Upload your image to an Image Host like Imgur, and embed into your post. Classic dark wood wallpaper, Windows 10, Fences included from the humble bundle with some commonly played games.
We like free games here. Titanfall 2 will be free to play for all users from December 2nd to December 4th with unlimited playtime. Respawn & Electronic Arts are giving PC, PS4 and XBox One owners a "Free Trial" of the full content, with progress being carried over to the purchase game. This will include the "Angel City's Most Wanted" DLC available December 3rd. EA Access and Origin Members will have the luxury of playing from November 30th. Full details:...
In the old days we had an IRC Chat Room dedicated to computer talk. Now, a much more modern approach to this is Discord, which embeds text and voice chat in one nicely packaged server, complete with free mobile application support. As such, I have created a Discord Server for your chatting needs, just click the below: https://discord.gg/tpgRvV5 If we're afk, you can check out tatsumaki, that can level you up in the room as you talk! See you there!
Apple is releasing a book, yes book, today containing 20 years of product design and as Jonny Ive puts it in his interview with Wallpaper "Very few words". The cost for this book? $200 for the small copy, $300 for the large copy. Of course you can expect some effort going into the quality: "The linen-bound, hardcover volume is printed...
The general gist from the folks here on mob3 are that smartwatches are pretty pointless, and one of the points against these little devices are the lack of battery life. Most Android Wear watches last less than 2 days and Pebbles can last up to a week. The Matrix PowerWatch hopes to change that, by charging itself via the temperature of your wrist. When the...
With browsers like Opera blocking Ads by default in their browser, CNET recently posted an article explaining that Google will not be building this feature into their browser. Lets not forget that Google controls AdSense, one of the (if not the) most popular advertising networks on the internet. That being said, the article explains that Google are putting...
WhatPulse is an interesting application and website that can measure your clicks, keys, application usage, data upload/download and more and shows in a user friendly format which can be uploaded to their website. Our team, formerly DuncsWeb, have clocked up some impressive usage statistics over time. We have (as of posting):
  • Typed 229,818,470 keys
  • Clicked 151,003,028 times
  • Downloaded 31.22TB data
  • Uploaded 6.17TB data...