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In recent news, Google has removed the beta status from its Mail Web Client, and has therefore updated its logo to reflect this. Die hard Google Mail users so accustomed to that Beta Logo may find themselves confused when using the Mail Service, and so Google Labs has come to the rescue. I am unsure if this is a joke from the Google Mail staff about...
Recently I made a video showing that users were testing out the word censor on YouTube:

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I have created DuncsWeb as a site that can benefit any Computer User, and try my best to explain things as simply as possible.
  • Have I said something in error?

  • Would you like something added to the site?

  • Is there something I touched on briefly but you would like more information?

  • Something not working, have an opinion on the site?

Please let me know

If you need to contact me urgently:...
Note: Blueberry Software recently contacted me offering “BBFlashback Pro” which I am currently using for my videos. The following information is useful if you require a free recorder (or check out “BBFlashback Free for a trial).

This question seems to be one of the most common I receive when making videos on YouTube. People will watch a video, see that it is “Clear” or has some special effect, and immediately go to ask without having a look at relevant videos.

In Windows I use...
This is the first post that marks the beginning of Duncsweb.com (now mob3.net) This site is more of a Personal Site, sharing what I know with everyone. Thanks for reading.