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Popular YouTuber Techrax likes destroying expensive equipment in a variety of ways. It's a genius idea as it plays on the emotions of the average person who may be unable to obtain the stuff.

Not long after telling everyone to drill holes in their new iPhones in order to get a 3.5mm headphone jack, TechRax has gone one step further by visiting the tallest building in the world "Burj Khalifa" in a whopping 2717 drop test. He proceeds to go to the 148th floor of the 829 meter building

The comments on the video seem more concerned for the...
RSS seems to be a forgotten technology, with things like Facebook and Twitter taking over the reigns. However, combined with a reader, you can find yourself zipping through the content of lots of websites extremely quickly, without the extra fluff.

Some people use Feedly for their news without knowing that it is also powered by RSS. Here at mob3 we have a bunch of raw RSS feeds littered throughout the forums depending on what subject you're interested in, but we now have an optimized main one for front page posts powered by Feedburner, which means quick access and adding to your clients....
In the UK, we have a bunch of preowned shops where you can buy electronics. One of them is CeX, which has games, consoles, smartwatches and phones.

The iPhone 7 Plus is a hot commodity right now, but while I was in one of the stores on my lunch break, I noticed they were selling a preowned iPhone 7 Plus for a whopping £1150 (around ~$1500). They offer a grading system, where this was graded as "A Unlocked" which usually means as new with all accessories, but opened, as the phone was on display.

"How much can you buy this new from...
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has finished his keynote Speech "Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species" over in Mexico, and as the title suggests, he outlines that he wants to transport people to the planet and has a vision of colonizing the area.

He also mentioned that the transport system would be used as a "railroad to the solar system", via a 77 meter tall rocket which can fit 100 people & cargo per trip (with plans to expand to 200 or more per flight to reduce costs), and potentially cost $200,000 for the trip which would last 30 days. Slight...
Google wants you to be able to access the Internet wherever you are, codenaming its endeavour "Google Station".

Initially, the service has been rolled out to 52 stations in India, but Google is now seeking partners to offer the Wi-Fi service everywhere, either completely free or monetized with ads.

Partners can now sign up at