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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has finished his keynote Speech "Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species" over in Mexico, and as the title suggests, he outlines that he wants to transport people to the planet and has a vision of colonizing the area.

He also mentioned that the transport system would be used as a "railroad to the solar system", via a 77 meter tall rocket which can fit 100 people & cargo per trip (with plans to expand to 200 or more per flight to reduce costs), and potentially cost $200,000 for the trip which would last 30 days. Slight caveat though, people who would be going to the planet initially should be "prepared to die" if they wish to be a candidate.

Is Elon bonkers or a future-thinking legend of our time?
Who knows, but he's...
Google wants you to be able to access the Internet wherever you are, codenaming its endeavour "Google Station".

Initially, the service has been rolled out to 52 stations in India, but Google is now seeking partners to offer the Wi-Fi service everywhere, either completely free or monetized with ads.

Partners can now sign up at
iMessage has been an iPhone exclusive messaging system since its inception. If you have a friend with an iPhone and you run Android yourself, you'll need them to use one of the other messaging apps or just plain old SMS to get their message to you.

iMessageForAll plans to change that, recently posting that they've made it possible to run iMessage on Android... with a caveat.

You'll need an older iPhone to get this running however, as it will act as a middleman for the messages.

It's doubtful this service will stick around, but it is interesting to see people try and get around the walled garden that Apple has made.

The service plans to release in Spring 2017 for free... if it gets that far.

A Demo of the program running on...
Back in 2011 amongst the techy savvy community, Google ChromeBooks had the reputation of being a useless piece of kit.

"Why would I buy a laptop that just has Chrome on it?"

Google has been working hard over the years however to sway those opinions with its Chrome Web Store, and initial testing with Android App compatibility.

Now, Google has released a Stable Version of Chrome OS that contains the ability to run Google Play, if you have a specific laptop to run it.

You'll need either:

- Acer Chromebook R11 or
- ASUS Chromebook Flip (Pictured above)
- Google Chromebook Pixel (2015) (Dev & Beta Channel)

Those who have it will need to enable the Play Store in the Chrome Settings.

Google has also posted a lengthy list of...