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This Dongle Instantly Kills PCs.. And You Can Buy It

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Duncan, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan @mobilephone2003

    Windows 10
    The "USB Killer" has entered its second revision of hardware that is, according to it's creator "Dark Purple", designed to test USB Ports against Power Surges.


    The USB Killer operates by drawing power from the port until it reaches 240v, then dumps that power into the USB Data Lines. It will do this rapidy until the circuit is broken on the host machine or until the device is unplugged.

    Unless you own a Mac (which apparently is protected against this sort of thing), or have the accompanying "Test Tool" which will shield against the attack, it is likely that you have part of the 95% of tested hardware that will simply die, as demonstrated on an IBM Thinkpad:

    This device, along with it's shield is up for sale on the official website, which unfortunately if put in the wrong hands could have devastating consequences. Be careful what you put in your PC's folks!

    The official site is: http://usbkill.com

    Do you think this should be up for sale?
    Do you want one?
  2. AdamDuce

    AdamDuce ZettaByte

    Windows 10
    Check this out from Austin Evans! Seems that macs might just be resistant too it...

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